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Misano Adriatico and surroundings

Beach holiday with sport, culture, recreation and entertainment

Now I will describe you the features of this area, its history and the various possibilities it offers as regards culture, sport, leisure and entertainment.

History and Territory

Misano Adriatico, resort on the Adriatica coast line, spreads over a territory rich of green hills and rivers (particularly the river Conca with its natural oasis).

A seaside town with equipped beache and campgrounds.
The most ancient inhabitated centre is Misano Monte, where you can visit San Biagio Church, patron saint of the country, and the enjoy the stunning view.

The archaelogical remains demonstrate its Roman origin.
In the Roman tradition people used to reward the war veterans with properties in the countryside of Rimini and so many settlements were built.

Colonia Latina was ruled by the Malatesta for two centuries. This family made built its castle of which remained only the entrance arch and part of the tower.
Once the dynasty extinguished Misano joined the Papal States until Italy’s unification and later became and independent and agricultural municipality through a decree issued by Mussolini.
After whe war Misano’s history is intertwined with that of tourism, which developed completely in the 50’s.

The seaside

The beach with its fine sand and the warm climate from April to October are definitely the main attractions that the city offers to its guests.
The coastline stretches for 3 Km and it’s suitable for healthy morning walks and it’s characterised by equipped beaches which garantee you a restful and safe bathing.

Thanks to organized structures, the quality of bathing water, the beach and the port of Misano Adriatico were awarded the honors of “bandiera blu” (blue flag: an award for clean beaches).

Special places for fishing and sunbathing are the piers and breakwater rocks (prepared to protect the shoreline from the marine erosion). For those who enjoy sea trips can take part in excursions which start from Portoverde.


  • 9 public sports facilities
  • 9 private sports facilities
  • Autodrome: The Autodrome of Misano World Circuit is located in the hamlet of Santa Monica. On this circuit are competing for motorcycle Grand Prix of San Marino, the Championship and the Grand Prix of San Marino Superbike World Championship.
  • Nautical tourism: The Marine Portoverde meets the needs of nautical tourism equipped with a dock for pleasure boats from 4.5 to 20 m, sailing clubs, riding stables, sports facilities, large green areas, fountains, shops, boutiques, restaurants, bar.
  • Bike paths:
    Blue trail: asphalt flat – easy – 7,5 km
    Green route: dirt, river area – average – 7,4 km
    Orange route: dirt path – difficult hill – 13 km

Leisure and entertainment

There are many opportunities to have fun and meet new people.
In this area there are:

  • 76 restaurants
  • 45 bars and pubs
  • 7 clubs
  • evening markets, spaces for kids, shows, cinema, flea markets, cultural celebration

Furthermore, the most anticipated event of the summer is the PINK NIGHT. The coast turns pink for the summer on the Riviera New Year which begins at sunset and continues until dawn, shows, theater performances, concerts, sporting events, fireworks displays, exhibitions, conferences and the fabulous carnival!
I recommend… Wear PINK clothes in the suitcase!

To visit

Choosing Misano Adriatico as a holiday destination, you will have interesting opportunities to visit medieval towns and villages, famous for their history and culture.
There are a lot of towns to visit, I will just list them along with a short description. Clearly, I advise you to taste the typical products offered by this region accompanied by excellent wines.
If you are interested in nature, I suggest a trip to Valconca, between high hills and river environments, with its Wildlife Oasis and the Observatory. You can get there by bike, about 5 km (middle route).

  • URBINO (distance 45 Km):
    An ancient town located between the valleys of the rivers Metauro and Foglia, on two hills of Montefeltro, which offers a picturesque view. Medieval town, enclosed by fortified walls, since 1998 The Old Town belongs to the UNESCO World heritage, especially because of the Palazzo Ducale, situated next to the cathedral, which is one of the most interesting examples of the entire Italian Renaissance art and architecture and seat of the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, the House of Raphael, the Mausoleum of the Dukes made by Bramante.
    Urbino is a splendid city of art and education.
  • GRADARA (distance 11Km):
    Gradara is linked to Dante’s “Inferno”, in which is told the love story between Paolo and Francesca. Moreover, along the ancient walls you can enjoy a beautiful view. Coming down the parkway, 5 km of breathtaking views of the sea, you can reach the inlet of Baia di Vallugola or visit the village of Casteldimezzo.
    Do not miss the tasty food and good wine Sangiovese or Trebbiano.
  • SAN MARINO (distance 30 km):
    Town full of magic and fairy-tale castles and towers, also famous for its many shops where you can buy souvenirs, handicrafts and all kinds of articles.
  • RIMINI (distance 18 Km):
    Founded in 268 BC, during the whole period of Roman rule was the communication link between the north and south of the peninsula. It’s very rich in archaeological sites.
  • VERUCCHIO (distance 22 Km):
    Cradle of Malatesta Fortress seen from the Adriatic coast of Rimini.

To visit

  • TORRIANA and MONTEBELLO (distance 40 km):
    Two historic fortresses, placed on two high spurs! I suggest you visit the quaint and charming village of Montebello, famous for the ancient legend of Azzurrina.
  • GEMMANO (distance 17 Km):
    In this ancient city can reach the caves of Hell, characterized by karst stone.
  • SAN LEO (distance 47 km):
    City-fortress located on the highest peak rock of Montefeltro. City of passage of Dante and St. Francis of Assisi. For those who want to capture the essence of the story contend that for years has seen this area by the Lords and Ducati.
  • MONTEGRIMANO (distance 30 Km):
    recently revalued because of its spa.
  • MONTEGRIDOLFO (distance 22 Km):
    In his village you can find the best preserved castle of Marche-Romagna inland.
  • MONTEFIORE (distance 7 km):
    A mighty fortress offers a fascinating and spectacular scenery in the hills around Rimini.
  • SALUDECIO (distance 18 Km):
    During the summer home to numerous cultural events, folklore and culinary.
  • MONDAINO (distance 20 Km):
    Even Mondaino was the scene of disputes among various families. Of particular interest is the Rocca Malatestiana , the square and circular paleontological museum. Cultural events such as “the Palio of the Deer” are perfect historical reconstructions.
  • SANTARCANGELO (distance 28 Km):
    I point you to this village, as well as archaeological sites, the castle of the Malatesta, and other historical and cultural points of interest, the “museum of buttons” with about 10,500 buttons from around the world.
  • Santarcangelo di Romagna (distanza 28 Km): Ti indico per questo borgo, oltre ai siti archeologici, la rocca dei Malatesta, e altri punti di interesse storico-culturali, il “museo dei bottoni” con circa 10.500 bottoni provenienti da tutto il mondo.
  • FAENZA (distance 83 km):
    Center of Italian neoclassicism.